Up coming events

20th September

School Council—5.30pm

22nd September

Last Day Term 3—2:00pm dismissal

9th October

First Day Term 4—Student Teachers in Year 4—6
for 3 weeks

10th October

Grug and the Rainbow Excursion F - 2

13th October

Excursion to Scienceworks (Seniors)

20th October

Kinder Transition 9am—11am

17th October

Musical Extravaganza Evening—6.30pm RSL Hall

3rd November

Kinder Transition 9am—11am

6th November

Pupil Free Day

7th November

Melbourne Cup/Heathcote Show Day Holiday

11th November

Open Garden Fund Raiser at Lisa’s

17th November

Kinder Transition 9am—11am

4th—8th December

Swimming Lessons

12th December

State wide Transition Day

Grade 6 to 7 all day / Kinder 9am—12.30pm

22nd December

Last Day Term 4—2.00pm dismissal