Visual Arts

In art, the students learn as an artist and as a viewer of art. They learn through making and responding.  Areas of visual art include Painting, Drawing, Printing, Textiles, Ceramics, Collage and Construction.

In Term 1 the students explored painting and drawing using acrylics, watercolour, watercolour crayons and pencils. They experimented with hot and cold colours and colour mixing. 


In Term 2 the students have been working on drawing skills with a variety of media, including pencils, oil pastels, wax crayons, charcoal, fine liners and texta colours.


In Term 3 the focus has been threads and textiles. A range of natural and man-made fabric samples were sorted. Junior classes created pictures using threads and material, then explored fringing, stitching and weaving. Senior classes explored drawn thread using hessian and woven fabrics. Projects included stitching a small pillow or cushion and a pouch with button closure.