Privacy Statement


Heathcote Primary School (HPS) is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. This HPS Online Privacy Statement governs the collection, storage, use, access and disposal of data including all personal information obtained on this web site.  

This Privacy Statement complies with the DEECD information privacy policy and handles personal information in accordance with the Victorian Privacy laws, the Information Privacy Act 2000 and Health Records Act 2001. This policy is available on request.

Collection of Information

The Heathcote Primary School Website does not collect any of the following data:

  • Visitor logs and statistics
  • Information provided by users through online forms, registration, databases and feedback.



Cookies are small text files which are generated by our servers and stored onto your computer. They allow us to recognise when you return to certain sites and allow us to register user preferences.  HPS does not use cookies.

For further information regarding Privacy, view the Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000